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Cheryl Lacey Donovan is A Motivational Speaker, Talk Show Host, Transformation Expert, National Best Selling Author, Mentor, and Coach

A mother and a wife by age 18; abused, separated and a single mom by 20, Cheryl Lacey Donovan knows a little about being unstoppable woman.Despite the obstacles in her way, Cheryl chose to take these life lessons and use them to pave the way to a better future. Cheryl’s journey has not been perfect, but it has been blessed.

Cheryl chose to look at herself, not in light of what society said she would become, a welfare recipient with children who were drop outs, drug dealers, and in jail, but instead as God viewed her as an awesome, fearfully and wonderfully made virtuous woman. Resilience and tenacity in the face of disappointment helped Cheryl to look inside herself for the change she wanted to see.
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Cheryl Lacey Donovan is the award winning best selling author of several books published with Peace in the Storm Publishing including "Killing Religion" and "Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now." She is now the publisher of Imani Faith Publishing an imprint of PITS which has  Read More>>


As an Evangelist, her outreach ministry allows opportunities to share the gospel at women’s conferences, youth retreats, marriage conferences, and to congregations across the country. With Cheryl Lacey Donovan Ministries, she has delivered a series of messages, workshops and seminars based on the word of God that has transformed the lives of many. Read More>>


Cheryl has personally mentored hundreds of women both personally and professionally. She has shared her wisdom and expertise on careers, business, ministry and personal development. Because of her mentorship women have gone on to have successful careers, thriving businesses, and rewarding personal lives.Read More>>

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